SSH Logins From a Mac: "can't set the locale" Warning

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Some users experience an annoying warning message when they remotely log in to the HPC system from a Mac laptop or desktop. It may appear something like this:


Another manifestation of the warning appears when the user submits a job to the SLURM workload manager:


The mitigation for this problem is as follows. Issue the following command in the terminal on your mac:

sudo nano /etc/ssh/ssh_config

You'll have to enter your mac account password to proceed. Once the nano text editor opens the ssh_config file, its last two lines will read as follows:

Host *
        SendEnv LANG LC_*

Comment out both these lines by inserting the # character at the start of each line and save the changes (press ctrl-x, then y, then press enter). The changed lines now look like this:

#Host *
#        SendEnv LANG LC_*