Cray Graph Engine

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What is CGE?

How to use CGE on raad2?

Setup Tunneling

From your local desktop or laptop, issue below command to set up tunneling between local system and supercomputer. This tunnel will allow us to access CGE Web UI from local machine.

[mustafa.arif.MUARIF-D1]> ssh -L 4500:localhost:4500

Setup Database directory

Create a database directory "lubm0". Use lfs to set strip on this directory for performance reasons.

muarif092@raad2-login2:~> mkdir lubm0
muarif092@raad2-login2:~> lfs setstripe -c 16 --stripe-size 16m lubm0

muarif092@raad2-login2:~/lubm0> cp /lustre/share/urika_training/CGE/datasets/rules.txt .
muarif092@raad2-login2:~/lubm0> cp /lustre/share/urika_training/CGE/datasets/lubm.0.nt dataset.nt

Load CGE Module

muarif092@raad2-login2:~/lubm0> module load cge

Start up cge-server

cge-launch -I 24 -N 2 --runOpts="--qos=lcustom3 -p l_long --reservation=ut --account=ut" -T 600 --db-port=3750 -d lubm0 -o query_results -l query_logs/lubm0.log

Run queries using CGE cli

muarif092@raad2-login2:~> cge-cli sparql urika_training/CGE/simple_queries/find_classes.rq

Run queries using CGE Web UI

cge-cli fe --db-port=3750 --server-port=4500 --trust-keys

Connect to SPARQL endpoints using Python or R APIs