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MobaXterm allow users to launch remote sessions via SSH and other protocols as well. You can also initiate an interactive session which allows you to display remote applications on your desktop. You can explore more features here.


Free license for personal use. More licensing terms can be viewed here

Download setup files

To download MobaXterm setup, follow below steps.

  1. Open MobaXterm website
  2. Click on "GET MOBAXTERM NOW!"
  3. Select Home Edition download.
  4. If it is your personal computer, you may choose "Installer edition" as it will require admin priviliges to install the package on the system.
  5. If it is a lab computer, you should download "Portable edition".
  6. Launch the installer and the installation process is self explanatory.


MobaXterm installation is simple, you may follow below steps for the installation.

  1. Navigate to downloaded setup files and double click to start the installation process.
  2. If you get security warning, click Run.
  3. On Welcome screen, click Next to proceed.
  4. Read and accept the license agreement and click next.
  5. Select the installation directory, if you are unsure, leave it as default.
  6. On next screen, click Install and installation will proceed.

Launching MobaXterm

  1. MobaXterm executable shortcut is placed on your Desktop. Double click to execute.
  2. You can also access via Program Files. Click Start -> All Programs -> MobaXterm Personal Edition

Accessing RAAD2 with MobaXterm

Below steps will help you to create connection to TAMUQ HPC Cluster using MobaXterm.

Create connection

  1. When you open MobaXterm for the first time, you will see screen below
  2. RIGHT
  3. Click on Session on left top and select SSH. In Remote host, enter "" w/o quotes. Select Specify username and enter your HPC Cluster username. Click OK.
  4. RIGHT
  5. You will be asked for password, enter your HPC Cluster account password. NOTE: Text cursor will not appear when you type the password, just type and hit enter.
  6. In next step you will be asked if you want to save password. Select Yes or No as desired.
  7. RIGHT
  8. You will be logged into HPC Cluster and you will see window like below;
  9. RIGHT
  10. You may type Exit or close this window if you want to terminate this session.
  11. Launch connection

    1. After the initial setup, next time when you want to establish session to HPC Cluster, double click on session name in left tab under Saved Sessions and you will be logged in or will be asked for the password.