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Chemkin setup can be found here; "P:\Office of Research\Research Computing\RC\Ansys\Ansys Fluids-Chemkin 18.0"

  1. Run setup.exe
  2. Select packages needed to be installed. If you only need Chemkin, you can just uncheck all and manually select Chemkin.
  3. Once installation is completed, you need to activate license as below;
  4. Start -> Program Files -> Ansys 18.0 -> Ansys Client Licensing
  5. Right click “Client Anslic Admin utility” and run as admin
  6. Click specify license server machine and select add server machine specifications
  7. Leave ports default and in host name enter “tamuq-license3”
  8. Again click on add server machine specification
  9. Leave first field same and now in second field FlexLm license port, change to 27011 and in host name enter rc-lics
  10. At the end you will have 2 license servers listed.
  11. To start Chemkin ( Start -> Program Files -> Ansys 18.0 -> Chemkin -> Chemkin 18.0 )