Introduction to Linux

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Please note that throughout the slides users will notice material that has been greyed out. This material should be considered supplemental (and sometimes more advanced) and it can easily and safely be skipped or ignored. Users who feel inclined, however, may delve into it for additional benefit.

Because we normally have limited time for our in-class training sessions, and also because we've made a conscious choice to shorten the length of our in-class trainings, certain material had to be marked as "supplemental" and not critical to achieving a basic understanding of linux -- and the mechanism we chose for that was to grey out certain material in certain slides.

For the benefit of users who may wish to avail themselves of the more advanced material, we've left it intact in the PDF version of the slides. The slides that we skip entirely in the tutorial videos (even though they are not greyed out) are as follows: 9, 11, 43, 46-51, 58, 62, 65, 69-73, 75, 79-86, 90-91, 96-99, 107, 113-118, 126-191.

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