HPC Software on raad2

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Below Softwares are available for the users of Supercomputing facility at TAMUQ. Each software is licensed under different agreement.
Users are required to review the license terms before using any software.

Product Domain Vendor Version Documentation
Abaqus Structural Mechanics Simulia 2016,6.13 N/A
ANSYS Academic
Computation Fluid Dynamics ANSYS Inc. 14.5,16.2 N/A
CCE Compiler Cray 8.4.3,8.5.8 N/A
Gaussian 09 Computational Chemistry Gaussian Inc. d01 N/A
GCC Compiler GNU 4.8.1,4.9.3,5.2.0,5.3.0,6.1.0,6.3.0 N/A
Gromacs Molecular Dynamics GROMACS (Open Soure) 4.6.5,5.1.4 N/A
HDF5 Data Format Libraries HDF Group 1.8.14,1.8.16, N/A
Intel Compilers Compilers/Libraries Intel Inc.,17.1 N/A
Java Compiler Java 1.8 N/A
LAMMPS Molecular Dynamics Sandia National Labs November 2016 N/A
Matlab Numerical Analysis The Mathworks R2014a,r2016a N/A
PGI Compiler PGroup 16.10,17.4 N/A
Python Interpreter Python 2.7.9 N/A
OpenBLAS Math Library OpenBLAS 0.2.6 N/A
IMSL Math Numerical Library IMSL 2021.0.0 IMSL Documentation

Users who need to acquire any other software for their needs, can contact Helpdesk.