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Locating the installation files

The installation files can be found at "P:\Office of Research\Research Computing\RC\Origin". These are accessible only to TAMUQ users via the building network (or while connected to TAMUQ VPN).

Installation process

  1. Select the Origin Version you need to install and launch the installer.
  2. Click "Next" in the installer wizard that opens.
  3. Select "I accept the terms of the license agreement" to accept the license terms. Click "Next".
  4. Select "Install Product (requires serial number)" from the choices on the next screen.  Click "Next". 
  5. Enter the serial number in the empty field on the next screen. The serial number may be found in the file "install-procedure" in the same directory where the installation files are located. The User Name field maybe left unchanged. Enter TAMUQ for the and Company Name field. Click "Next". 
  6. Click "Yes" on the registration confirmation screen. 
  7. Click "Next" on the destination directory screen and accept the default location. 
  8. Click "Yes" on the next screen to create the destination directory for this install. 
  9. Click "Next" on the select features screen.  
  10. Select "All users" on the next screen and click "Next". 
  11. Click "Next" on the select program folder screen. 
  12. Click "Next" on the start copying files screen. 
  13. Click "Finish" on the setup complete screen.

Starting Origin and Activating License

  1. From your windows start menu, launch OriginPro. 
  2. Click "OK" in the user files folder screen to accept the default location to store user files. 
  3. If asked, click "yes" in the next window to create the folder to store user files. 
  4. Origin will now start up.  In the license information window that pops up, enter the value "rc‐license" in the FLEXlm Server field (without quotes) and enter 27014 in TCP/IP port field.  Click the "Update" button. 
  5. Click "OK" in the window notifying you of the successful license file update.

Updating to new License server

  1. Close the OriginPro application instance if already running.
  2. From your windows start menu, find the OriginPro application and launch it with admin privileges (right-click its name to select the "Run as administrator" option from the pop up menu). 
  3. A dialog will appear and declare that 'Origin cannot contact your FLEXlm server. Please check your license file, ports, firewall, network *** server status'. Click OK
Error on new application launch.jpg
  1. A License Information dialog will open next. Enter the value "rc‐license" in the FLEXlm Server field (without quotes) and enter 27014 in TCP/IP port field. 
  1. Click the "Update" button. This will show a successful license update/activation message. Click OK. Your OriginPro license has been updated.
Updated succefully.jpg

Updating license file for Origin

With migration of license server, old origin users will have to change license server information in their existing installation.

  1. From the Start menu, find the Notepad application and right-click its icon to select the "Run as administrator" option from the pop up menu.
  2. Once Notepad starts, use the File --> Open to navigate to the directory C:\ProgramData\OriginLab\92\License and open file "USE_SERVER.lic". If you don’t see this file, select the "All Files" filter from a drop down menu at the bottom right of the file Open window.
  3. Change "rc-lics" to "rc-license" and port from "27001" to "27014"
  4. Save and close this file.
  5. From the Start menu, find and right click on the Origin program icon and select the "Run as administrator" option.