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Mission Statement

​Our mission is to foster scientific research at Texas A&M University at Qatar by providing researchers with advanced resources in computational power, storage capability, visualization tools, and scientific software. This is achieved by:

  • Identifying, purchasing, configuring & maintaining appropriate HPC hardware & software
  • Providing sophisticated 3D visualization hardware, software & expertise
  • Training researchers to use these resources effectively
  • Involving researchers in our planning processes
  • Collaborating with them, if needed, on research projects
  • Encouraging and supporting cross-disciplinary activities
  • Participating in and/or proposing new research initiatives


High performance computing

​We are able to provide technical advice on the use of science and engineering software on our HPC systems. Furthermore, if you indend to purchase hardware for computational needs, we can assist in evaluating hardware and technology options best suited to those needs. Of course, assistance in basic porting of your codes, and compiling them on our HPC platforms is always available.

Scientific visualization

We assist students, faculty and researchers with data visualization tasks. We provide consulting to select appropriate software tool​ and data format. We are able to create and display 3D models and animations for deeper understanding of scientific data. Furthermore, we can assist in presenting the data visualizations in Immersive Visualization Facility.​

Scientific programming

Our team provides support and technical assistance to the researchers and users who intend to port their applications to HPC Cluster, optimize and analyze the performance of their applications, using mathematical libraries, development of parallel code from serial code and further more.

Research software support

Researchers who have specific requirements to use research software, our specialties can help by providing support in setting up software on HPC Cluster, consulting with users to choose right software for their needs, help with individual/group licensing.

Linux system support

​We are able to field questions about the Linux/UNIX operating environment and offer recommendations on how to you can set up your environment for your research needs. Due to limited human resources, however, linux desktop support is offered on a best-effort basis.

User Training (In-house / External experts)

​Several tutorials are offered to train our users in the efficient use of our resources. A three-session Linux course is offered at least once per semester. A separate single-session course on the use of our main HPC system Raad is also offered occasionally (typically as a follow-up to the Linux course). Also, ​Because we do not employ support staff who are experts in specific application domains, we occasionally arrange professional on-site training courses specific to a certain software package (e.g. Matlab, Ansys, etc.) by inviting outside experts to TAMUQ. If a need for any such training can be identified by the community and there is sufficient interest, we can facilitate and arrange a relevant event.