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Putty is free to use and open source software for (SSH) Secure Shell login, Telnet, SCP. For more information, refer to Wikipedia page PUTTY Wikipedia


  1. Minimum 50MB space for the Software media.
  2. Windows 7 or 8


Free to use.

Downloading Setup

Users can download putty setup from PUTTY Setup


Putty is a portable software package and no installation is required for this. Just double click the downloaded media and follow the steps below to connect to RAAD2 HPC Cluster.

Accessing RAAD2 with Putty

  1. To initiate a connection to Raad2, launch PuTTY and use "raad2.qatar.tamu.edu" as the host name, then click the "Open" button to connect.
  2. RIGHT
  3. If you are connecting to Raad2 via PuTTY for the first time, it’s normal to see below warning indicating to store server’s host key in system registry, just click ‘Yes’ to proceed.
  4. RIGHT
  5. If connection is successfully established, you will be asked to enter username for login, Enter your Raad2 username and press enter
  6. RIGHT
  7. Finally, use your HPC Cluster password to authenticate your credentials.
  8. RIGHT Note that the text cursor in the PuTTY terminal does not move when the user types the password (this is normal - just proceed to type your password and press enter).
  9. After successfully logging to Raad2 you will see window alike below. Now, you can interact with Raad2 cluster and can submit Job, to learn how to submit jobs on Raad2, refer to the Raad2 training article
  10. RIGHT